Imgr Gallery Pro 3.6.5


Please send any feedback/feature request/bug report to duiker101 @ gmail . com

Imgur is a famous image hosting website often used for reddit images and other funny stuff, imgur shares on it's public gallery the images that have received the most views, so yuo wil lfor sure always have only the best pics of the web here!

Best comment:
Even the blind should buy this app! If you download the free version instead of immediately buying the pro version then you have no soul.


- Cache

- New images
- Hot images
- Top images
By all time, month and week

Subreddits:(one of this or you can enter it manually)
- Gallery
- r/Pics
- r/Funny
- r/GoneWild
- r/Comics
- r/Wallpaper
- r/Wallpapers
- r/ITookAPicture
- r/Adviceanimals
- r/Photography

- Direct link to Reddit comments
- Copy Imgur link
- Share images directly to reddit or wherever you want
-Swipe to change image
- Grab Imgur urls

Pro features:
- Access to r/GoneWild
- Save image to gallery (and SD card)
- No ad
- Offline browsing.

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